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In March 2020 the COVID pandemy was having an increase in cases in Europe: lockdown were progressively established in the different countries of the old continent. A week before lockdown being announced in the UK I have been able to spend a weekend in Merthyr Tydfil to ride BikePark Wales (BPW).

a mtb in wales
a mtb in wales
My Voodoo Zobop in Wales

1/ Go to Wales

We go for the weekend starting Friday evening with my mate Thibault, we take the train from London Paddington: the train takes about 4 hours with a stop to Cardiff before getting to the Merthyr Tydfil station. We get there late, not sure what time exactly, I do remember…

Aston Hill is the only bikepark I had the opportunity to ride in England: Ricochet, the Red Line, Surface to Air and the 4X track the main trails I rode. It is located in Halton, Buckinghamshire and is about 45 minutes by train from London. Let me tell you the story of my rides.

1/ My venue until Aston Hill
2/ Ricochet warm up: the tyre killer
3/ The Red Line: Roots for red
4/ Surface to Air: perfect for smooth flying transition
5/ 4X track: a guide to road gap and big table ahead
6/ End of the session

Aston Hill est le seul bikepark que j’ai pu rouler en Angleterre: Ricochet, La Red Line, Surface to Air et la piste de Four Cross les différents trails que j’ai roulé. Le bikepark se situe à Halton, dans le Buckinghamshire, environ 45 minutes de Londres en train. Laissez-moi vous racontez mes deux sessions à Aston Hill.

1/ Ma venue jusqu’à Aston Hill
2/ L’échauffement sur Ricochet : le tyre killer
3/ La Red Line (Red Run): Racines pour rouge
4/ Surface to Air: parfait pour des transitions smooth en air
5/ Piste de 4X: un guide pour faire son premier road gap et grosse…

commuter pack for London
commuter pack for London
The commuter pack for London

London is a city where there are 172K commuters around Central London in 2018, (almost 2% of London population from Even if it is a small percentage it is still a load of cyclists and there are for all kinds: the roadies with full Rapha outfit, fancy urban riders with Brompton folding bikes, single speed and fixie, or Deliveroo riders with DIY Electric MTB and plenty others… Here I propose to review no matter the bike you have the essential to have when commuting: the commuterAM pack in London

Please note this pack is based on my personal experience…

commuter pack for London
commuter pack for London
Pack velotaf complet

Londres, est une ville où on recense 172 000 commuters dans le centre de Londres (presque 2% de la populations Londonienne d’après …

Clean bikes and cleaning kit
Clean bikes and cleaning kit
clean bikes with the cleaning kit.

After a muddy ride on my Mountain Bike I always clean it as I store it in my bedroom: I want to keep things tidy and not have my girlfriend on my back. I explain you how to clean your bike in 3 steps and keep your girlfriend happy whether you went in a forest with your MTB, a gravel ride in the country side, road cycling a 100 miles, or just to take care of your bike in general.

1. Degrease the transmission

I use degreaser, a brush, and a chain cleaner (I made a DIY chain cleaner with two toothbrushes and zip…

Clean bikes and cleaning kit
Clean bikes and cleaning kit
Mes vélos propres dans ma chambre et mon kit d’entretien vélo

Je nettoie toujours mon VTT après une sortie sur terrain gras comme je le range dans ma chambre: Je veux garder mon espace propre et ne pas avoir ma copine sur le dos. Je vais vous expliquer comment nettoyer votre vélo en 3 étapes faciles et garder la miss contente. Que vous revenez de la forêt en VTT, après une sortie gravel en campagne, avoir rouler 100km sur son vélo de route, ou juste pour prendre soin de son vélo.

1. Dégraisser la transmission

J’utilise un dégraisseur, un pinceau et un nettoyeur de chaîne (j’en ai fait un DIY avec deux brosses à dent…

More and more BMX Athletes are riding MTB, even make a professional career in Mountain Biking. I have seen it via social medias and the internet in general in the last years. I think there is nothing new in there, but it looks more visible than it was before and it seems kind of a normal evolution as also many Mountain Bikers were riding BMX before. …

De plus en plus de pros passent du BMX au VTT, en font même une carrière. J’assiste à ce phénomène via Internet et les réseaux sociaux: Je pense qu’il n’y a rien de nouveau mais je trouve que c’est devenu plus visible qu’auparavant, et cela me semble aussi une évolution normale car également beaucoup de Vététistes viennent du BMX. Je le vois comme une chose positive: ça crée un lien entre le BMX et le VTT et montre également la valeur ajoutée du BMX comme une pratique qui permet d’acquérir des abilitées et aptitudes quand on commence le VTT.

The evolution of the bike
The evolution of the bike
L’évolution du riding?


As the title says, it was my last ride at Peaslake in Surrey Hills… I will move out of London, out of the UK… So despite the current conditions I try to make the most of it riding places I enjoy before moving. Let me tell you about my last MTB ride to Peaslake.

A tough and long beginning.

As usual I like to prepare all my stuff the day before: I can be sure that I will be all geared up for the D-Day and that there will be no unexpected maintenance to do on the bike, less I…


Cyclist AM Ze media of vélo amateur en Franglish / A Franglish amateur bike media. 🚴🇨🇵🇬🇧 from 0 to Amateur CyclistAM / BMXAM / MTBAM/ BikepackAM

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